Welcome to HopeRestored!

Thank you for joining the personal ministry pages of Pastor Jeff Conolly.  My ministry has become severely limited since April of 2016.  That is when I was placed in Hospice care. I am dying with a disease called Mitochondrial Disease. The mitochondria in each cell in your body provide the energy for that cell or groups of cells to function.  All of my cells are damaged. I have lost the energy to walk and sit up and on oxygen as my lung muscles are beginning to struggle to operate breathing functions. I am in a hospital bed pretty much 24/7.

Breaking News!!!!

HopeRestored is a ministry journey of reconciliation, recovery and restoration. My ministry mission is Luke 4:18 which you will see printed at the bottom of each page. The goal of what is left of my life and ministry is to Hope in Him, which you will see printed at the top of each page.

Besides this web site, I maintain a ministry Facebook page and  publish a nightly devotional called NightWatch each night. I also maintain a secret/private support group page on Facebook called RestoredToday for those who are chronically ill. My ministry email address is: restoredtoday@gmail.com.

I also can be contacted via my personal  Facebook page or at my personal email address: conollyjs@gmail.com.

If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas email me at:  restoredtoday@gmail.com.  Please explore the menu and gain some insight on what we used to be and what maybe God could use you to do in the coming days. God bless you.

Pastor Jeff Conolly.